Wednesday, June 8, 2011

marche aux fleurs

On the Ile de la Cite you have the Palais de Justice, the Tribunal de Commerce, Sainte Chapelle and Notre Dame, but you also have Le Marche aux Fleurs.
Built in 1808 (some say 1860) hidden amongst its own little oasis of green at Place Louis-Lepine, it is one of my many favourite places to go in Paris.  Although it is beautiful all year round due to the plethora of seasonal varieties on offer, it is slightly more exceptional in spring.


Having grown up in a home that always had a backyard and therefore a garden (and a gardening mum), I’m finding the adapted living style of apartments and terraces a novelty.  I am extremely blessed to live in a studio that although on the petite side, has a balcony! 
(FYI, not everyone has one.)
Although I do find the abundance of olive trees, wisteria vines, standard roses and tomato plants slightly frustrating when casting my eye on the small space I do have……I simply don’t have enough room for them all!
Having only been there in the cooler months it is safe to say that my recent trip was an assault on the senses. 

If I had to choose a favourite, it would be my Hydrangea Man!  Who can resist those mammoth full blooms in sky blues, candied pinks, vivid violets and pure pure white?  I could have stayed and lovingly watched him constantly arrange and re-arrange the buckets, water, prune and care for his petals for hours…….but stalker is not a name I want to be associated with thank you.





what a gorgeous old olive tree!
So next time you’re running past L’Hotel de Ville heading towards Les Halles, take a quick detour and cross over Le Pont Notre Dame and indulge…..or if you’re underground, hop off line 4 at Cite and get excited!

Open from dawn to dusk every day except Sundays (when it turns into the bird market-DON’T even get me started).
'ah Mae, j'adore les fleurs'....'moi aussi Agnes, moi aussi'

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