Tuesday, June 7, 2011

bloomin' blooms

I’m the kinda girl who CANNOT walk past a flower shop without stopping.  On most occasions I utilise restraint and just look and imagine how those gorgeous ruby peonies would like at home in a large glass punch bowl accompanied by pots of lavender and white runanculas….I digress……
I constantly dream of working with flowers, a longing to play and arrange, blending colours and shapes, to be surrounded by them and to give them to those I love.  I’m warning you now, you will see many floral related topics if you continue to read.  I get excited just looking at them.

I space out as I walk past a flower shop and see them all standing to attention in glass vases and steel buckets and as they walk out the shop wrapped in brown paper under the arm of a delighted customer I’m brought promptly back to earth and think ‘hey, I want some too’ and so I wander in….to have a better look……

one particular favourite in the 11th......Francoise le Net, 140 Boulevard Voltaire

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