Friday, July 1, 2011

les portes

They are everywhere.  You pass by them, you see them, you walk through them…..they hold untold stories behind them, they create privacy, they hide secrets, they’re heavy, they’re beautiful and well, in Paris……they are one of my favourite things.
Front doors, side doors, back doors, courtyard doors, palace doors, secret doors……


The myriad of colours……(a definite blue theme in this post!), the style, the intricate wood work and iron curling.  I love the peeling paint and the worn patina.  Imagine how many thousands no, millions of hands have pushed them open. 
When walking around sometimes all you see are doors and you wonder where everyone is, but then you get a quick glimpse in as a door swings closed and you realise that there is a whole little community of frenchies living behind that one door. 

secret door anyone?? (Sakorzy's place)

They lead into courtyards and apartments, offices and studios, secret gardens and years of history……yeah definitely one of my favourite things…..

and my absolute favourite!....Napoleon's door to the Louvre

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