Sunday, July 17, 2011


from the Champs-Elysees to the Champs de Mars the festivities continue......

with the most incredible drum group.....'did you dance?' you ask....

'OF COURSE i did, have you never met me?!'

Kramer inspired druming master...!

A big concert was set-up with various artists playing for about 6 hours.....
'Touche pas a mon pote' was the theme - which sorta means 'Don't touch my friend'
they performed in support of solidarity, equality and friendship...

Yannick Noah
(those NOT in the know, pretty famous and adored french singer!)

BUT he didn't hold a candle to the GYPSY KINGS!!!!!!
I couldn't believe it when they started to sing, i've listened to them on CD growing up with Dad and LOVE them and there they were performing LIVE for ME!! (well not exactly for me......)

ssshhhhh.....I have a slight fascination with this was a stella shot for me!

the sunset gave a beautiful glow to the sky and thought you might enjoy the progression..!

Mes Amies! Leslie, Bianca et moi!

ah oui, Paris, tu es magnifique!

.....she sparkles and sets the stage.....

Bonne Fete de Nationale a tous!

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