Monday, June 6, 2011

where to begin...

I was 24 when I first arrived on French soil.  With not a word, and I do mean NOT a word, of French I began my love/hate relationship with Paris.  I only stayed for one year last time but this time round there is no time frame, until something changes you will find me here……standing outside the patisserie window trying not to have a crazed look on my face, meandering the markets-flowers in hand, trying all 400 (give or take) different cheeses, stumbling across hidden parks, trying not to murder the French language and always with camera in hand……
These daily delights will be for you.  For those who haven’t been yet, I hope you enjoy my photos.  For those looking to learn I hope my ramblings are informative.  For those wanting to be inspired, well come on, it’s Paris.  And for those who have already experienced this 16th century, cobblestoned, bohemian town, welcome back.
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  1. i used to live there too - and i miss it so!! your photos are lovely to see.