Tuesday, June 14, 2011

to creep and climb

Many apartments/homes/buildings/statues in France have creepers growing over them; usually it’s some variety of Ivy or other plant life that I know not the name of.  I find the prolific rate that they grow fascinating and how in no time at all, the building is awash in leafy greens.
I was wandering through the 5th the other day when I stumbled across this beauty.  What amazed me was, if you look closely, it’s actually wisteria!  Can you imagine what it would have looked like at the start of spring when it was in flower!!?

How romantic it is with its tendrils curling around the iron balustrading, waving in the breeze, winding and snaking its way up and across the windows. 
I love how the terrace wraps around the corner into an L-shape!  Imagine living there, lounging in the winter sun with hot mint tea and mums shortbread and relaxing with friends over a long luxurious lunch (woohoo for alliteration!) of seared prawns and tomato salad…..followed by fresh raspberries and crème fraiche…..

Also (as if it couldn’t get better), it overlooks Le Jardin des Plantes! Quelle Chance!
Alas I have missed its flowering glory but will remember it for next year, to see it in all its lavender splendour!

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